Capturing Benefits

ARNTE will capture the social, economic and knowledge benefits described above by instituting a strong, cross-institutional culture of trust, and awareness of the net tangible benefits for Australia in each of the areas. An important factor necessary to capture all of the national benefits is the on-going availability of timely advice and information to politicians, bureaucrats, scientists (within and external to ARNTE) and the general public, including via meetings, publications, industry events and press releases.

  • Social Benefit; A key activity here that will enable ARNTE to capture the social benefit will be by a series of promotional releases that will raise the awareness in the community of the potential benefits of tissue engineering projects that will be performed as part of ARNTE. These will be written specifically for the lay audience and emphasise the collaborative nature of the project(s) and the fact that they would not be possible without the cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary inputs. Scientists and participants of ARNTE who have been involved previously in outreach programs will be involved in the education of ARNTE colleagues in ways to communicate to a lay audience by way of presentations at workshops and meetings.
  • Economic Benefit; A component of this will entail workshops that will educate ARNTE participants in the important components of capturing economic benefits from research activities. For example, there will be workshops on publication and patenting processes and how they might successfully work together. Through links to AusBiotech and the professional services firms, ARNTE Participants will also be advised of other opportunities to learn about commercialisation and to liaise with investors and advisers.
  • Knowledge Benefit; We envisage that, to capture the knowledge benefits, ARNTE will hold an annual science fair where cutting edge tissue engineering science is discussed in a public forum,. ARNTE will also perform visits to secondary schools to educate and raise the awareness of this group of tissue engineering.