Welcome to ARNTE, the pre-eminent Australian network of scientists and experts in the production and use of living tissue in humans.

Tissue engineering can help solve chronic and growing health care needs associated with conditions such as diabetes, ageing, burns, ulcers, reconstructive surgery, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis … even heart disease and stroke. Tissue engineering also has the potential to offer relief from delays and problems associated with organ transplantation

World-class Universities and research institutes have joined with the Australian Government and other Participants to establish the ‘ARC Research Network for Tissue Engineering’ as a resource for and link to hundreds of Australian professionals - in academia, industry, government and elsewhere – including overseas

ARNTE seeks to foster a sense of community through an annual and international program of integration and outreach activities. This web-site is your point of access. If you would like to participate in our network, please contact us

ARNTE also seeks to provide information and access to technical expertise for those with a broader interest in Tissue Engineering, including policy-makers, regulators and ethicists. You can find further details about our current scientific, ethical and regulatory interests here [link to Scope section]

And as the Network develops, this site will grow a virtual community whose members can exchange ideas and information. Follow this link to explore

So remember, for Tissue Engineering - especially in Australia - just ask ARNTE.