Australian Research Capacity - Opportunities

  • There are enormous opportunities to develop new collaborative initiatives between geographically distant research groups within Australia
  • Outreach activities to schools and the wider community will educate people and stimulate interest in these emerging technologies
  • Involvement with bio-artists builds upon the international reputation of Australian pioneers in this field and will attract many more practitioners to Australia for innovative work, and
  • Paradigms for ethical debate will be developed by the diverse members of the ARNTE that includes ethicists, philosophers, doctors, scientists, engineers and artists
  • The individuals in the various research groups possess a vast amount of complementary scientific knowledge and expertise in the disciplines required for tissue engineering
  • Participants in ARNTE are members of the premier tissue engineering groups within Australia who all have strong international links, which will be shared with a diversity of colleagues across Australia
  • ARNTE provides the opportunity to forge more links with our closest neighbours, researchers in SE Asia
  • The biological, biotechnical and medical implications of these networks will open opportunities in related fields
  • Intensive workshops will generate collaborations to access funding for new research projects
  • ARNTE will identify new funding and commercial opportunities.
  • Strong Tissue Engineering activities will attract researchers and new business opportunities to Australia
  • The training of postgraduate students and recruitment of postdoctoral researchers into these fields will build a huge body of expertise within Australia that will drive further research activities
  • Many of these developments will lead to new Commercial opportunities
  • Successful Tissue Engineering will address crucial clinical needs that are of increasing need in an ageing population
  • Healthcare savings resulting from implementation of Tissue Engineering devices will encourage further research projects and developments
  • BioMedical applications will provide the basis for novel treatments that can be exported to wider markets, and
  • The expertise in Tissue Engineering can be readily extended to new clinical situations.